Dear Brothers and Sisters Assalamu Alaikum , During the year 1988 with the grace and mercy of Allah , DHEEN HAJ SERVICE was started with a great vision in mind to give better than the best service to Hajees who faced lots of problems while they performed pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, the problems they faced was a great difficulty - misguidance and inappropriate accomodation far from the Haramine and those pilgrims were compelled to prepare their own food.

Still that is the same situation of few Hajees Alhamdhulillah ! we started in 1988 and took the first batch of pilgrims in 1989 . Gradually we have developed and completed 30 years in the service of the community.

Best Serving Organization

Whoever performs Hajj with us not only lauds us but also pray for us, Alhamdulillah. This fact is being established with the increasing volume of pilgrims year after year. In the year 2001 we are awarded as " BEST SERVING ORGANIZATION " by Muthawif Mr.Waleed Iskander Field Office No.1 of South Asian Establishment Under The Ministry Of Haj In The Year Hjri 1421. Above all ,this is all mercy of ALLAH who is the Owner of the Kabah.

Best Haj & Umrah